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    Jinny Johnson; Illustrated by Lucy Davey - All books by this author

    Discover the secret life of bees: from queens to the waggle dance, hives to honey, beekeeping, and why bees need our help to survive. Kids can dive right into Being a Bee and discover fascinating facts about life in the hive, bee families, and how older bees work together to look after and bring up the baby bees. Children will also learn some interesting information about beekeeping, how and why bees make honey, and how they dance to communicate with other bees. Being a Bee also gently introduces the idea of conservation—explaining why bees are in danger, why we must protect them, and all the ways we can help, including planting wild flowers and buying local honey. Sweet and engaging text plus bright and captivating illustrations will turn your little honey into an honest-to-goodness bee expert! (Ages 58)

    From the Reviews:
    "A "Meet the Family" chapter begins this straightforward and easy-to-follow introduction to bees. The life cycles of the queen, drones, and worker bees are then detailed, starting with larvae and how they become specialized to perfom1 their specific tasks. Each colorful page contains bright bold artwork. It amplifies the text, especially in the chapter on how returning bees communicate the distance and direction of a good pollen source for the rest of the female worker bees. The insect's vital role in pollinating fruits and vegetables is emphasized, as is the importance of protecting habitats where bees can find and gather the pollen they need to live. A small glossary shares a page with a further reading section. VERDICT: This brightly colored work is a lovely and informative addition to the growing number of bee books. Most nonfiction collections will want."
    School Library Journal


    Paperback / 32 Pages / 8 x 8 / 2018


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