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An Urban Sketcher’s Manual to Drawing Figures and Faces
Lynne Chapman - All books by this author

Drawing people in the outside world can be a real thrill; each sketch captures a particular person and place in time. But it can also be a challenge. How do you spot a likely subject? How do you choose the person most likely to stay still? How do you draw movement for the person that refuses to sit still? Sketching People offers straightforward, practical help to give beginning artists the confidence and ability to draw all sorts of people in many different settings. In the pages of this book, readers will find:
  • How to capture the essence of character
  • Different line-work styles
  • Techniques for creating realistic skin tones
  • The key to capturing the details of street life
  • Ways to create fabric folds
  • Mastering tonal drawings
  • Conveying age differences, and more
This clearly written, fun to read book is bursting with inspirational artwork and candid advice that will help you improve your drawing skills and change the way you sketch for the better.

From the reviews:
“There’s a chapter on choosing a sketchbook, and a chapter on pencils and pens and paintbrushes, there are chapters on technique for lighting, for drawing heads and hands and feet, all the requisite chapters for a how-to-draw book. What makes this book so useful are the chapters on more nebulous concepts, like how to choose a subject, or what to do when people notice you drawing. What Chapman’s book does that makes it so helpful is that, instead of saying, “One day you might be able to do this, and maybe people will take you seriously,” Chapman makes you, the artist, feel like a confident member of an envied community. She notes that almost everyone wishes they could draw, so the very idea that you’re doing it at all makes you seem incredible.”
San Francisco Book Review, www.sanfranciscobookreview.com

About The Author:
Lynne Chapman
has published 30 children’s books, all illustrated in pastels. She founded Urban Sketchers Yorkshire in 2010, and runs SketchCrawls every month. She’s given Urban Sketching workshops all over the world. Her blog, “An Illustrator’s Life for Me!” at www.lynnechapman.blogspot.co.uk averages 25,000 page views a month.

Paperback / 128 Pages / 8 1/2 x 11 / 2016


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