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Barron’s A Big Hug series offers a gentle and direct approach to the emotional issues that children face. Written by a clinical child psychologist, these books encourage youngsters to share and discuss tough topics with family and friends. Life is Like the Wind introduces the concept of death to young readers by likening life to the ever-moving wind. When the wind is present, things move and fly and flutter about. When the wind goes away, things become very still.

“Life is like the wind.
When life goes away, the body is very still
The body cannot move or feel
or do anything anymore.
Where does life go when it goes from the body?”

From there, the authors explore the feelings we have when a loved one’s life goes away, how we cope with missing them, and how we can celebrate their memory. It also introduces the various things people believe happens to a life that has moved on. Endearing illustrations of animals enjoying, missing, comforting, and honoring one another do a wonderful job of conveying the message that although life is very precious, “when it is time for the life to leave, it will go.” (Ages 4–7)


Click here to read the “Smart Books for Smart Kids” interview with author Shona Innes.

From the Reviews:
“It’s beautifully written, subtle, and despite the fact that death remains a mystery to all of us, she [Shona Innes] gets the very important message across about what it is in a way that children can comprehend. Shona Innes does an amazing job of making the subject of death a natural part of life, and does so in a soothing way, with charming illustrations by Irisz Aggocs your child will really love. All parents should read ‘Life is Like the Wind’ and ‘Friendship is Like a Seesaw’ with their children.”

“Helping a small child understand death can be an especially difficult task. Life is Like the Wind is just the book for a caring adult to use as a bridge when approaching this topic with a child. Facing the sadness that comes with the loss of a life, missing the loved one and celebrating their memory are approached in a manner appropriate for young children. Charming watercolor illustrations work well with this gentle message of love, kindness, and caring in the face of grief and loss.”
Catholic Library World

About The Authors:
Shonna Innes
is a qualified clinical and forensic psychologist with many years of experience assisting children in times of trouble.

Irisz Agocs has been delighting both children and adults for years with her endearingly whimsical watercolor illustrations, which can be found in books, advertising, animation, and more.


Hardcover w/jacket / 32 Pages / 9½ x 9 ½ / 2014


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