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Children love learning about the world around them. Our Curious Young Minds series will captivate curious youngsters with a look at the science behind some of life’s most intriguing subjects. In Why Are Animals Different Colors, Kate and her little brother, Jack, learn why chameleons change colors, how a wasp’s black and yellow stripes warn predators away, why zebras have stripes, and more. Kids who join them on this adventure-filled quest will learn lots of fascinating scientific facts about animals and the reasons behind all of their amazing colors. (Ages 4–7)

From the reviews:

Recommended - “Young children are naturally curious about the world around them and this series will certainly pique their interest. In Why Are Animals Different Colors, brother and sister duo, Katie and Jack, learn the purpose of coloration in many animals. We all know that zebras have stripes, but do you know why? Did you know that the coral snake and the scarlet king snake are almost identical, but only one is poisonous? From cuttlefish and frogs to chameleons and moths this book and series are filled with plenty of scientific facts, colorful pictures, and a parent guide at the end. Children are sure to enjoy learning along with Katie and Jack.”
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Paperback / 36 Pages / 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 / 2016


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