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5th Edition
Linda Carnevale - All books by this author

This helpful book for college-bound students presents and defines more than 365 words that appear most frequently on SAT exams. Each of 37 lessons focuses on a thematic word cluster—words having similar meanings or words that apply to similar circumstances. Also included are phonetic pronunciation keys for each word, memory tips, review exercises following every five lessons, and an alphabetical word index. New to this edition are additional lessons providing vocabulary specific to the ACT English, Reading, and Science tests. College-bound students who successfully complete the book’s exercises and master these words will expand their lifelong vocabulary, enrich their essay writing, and improve their chances for acceptance at the colleges of their choice.

Table of Contents:
  • Lesson 1 Using Few Words or Being Quiet
  • Lesson 2 Speaking
  • Lesson 3 Feeling Superior
  • Lesson 4 Unoriginal, Dull, Played Out
  • Lesson 5 Lessening Pain, Tension, and/or Conflict
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 6 Friendly and Agreeable
  • Lesson 7 Quarreling, Fighting, and Bitter Feelings
  • Lesson 8 Generosity in Spending Money or Time, or Showing Concern for Others
  • Lesson 9 Cheapness or Care with Spending Money
  • Lesson 10 Problems, Puzzlements, and Disasters
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 11 Harmful or Mean
  • Lesson 12 Criticizing, Disapproving, or Scolding
  • Lesson 13 Lacking Interest or Emotion
  • Lesson 14 Lacking Energy or Movement
  • Lesson 15 Humility and Obedience
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 16 Enthusiasm and Passion
  • Lesson 17 Being Stubborn
  • Lesson 18 Sound
  • Lesson 19 Praise and Respect
  • Lesson 20 More Than Enough
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 21 Food and Hunger
  • Lesson 22 Being Careful
  • Lesson 23 Being Short-Lived in Time or Place
  • Lesson 24 The Old or the New
  • Lesson 25 Being Sneaky or Hardly Noticeable
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 26 People You Will Meet on the SAT
  • Lesson 27 Things of Little Importance or Value
  • Lesson 28 Being Wise and Sharp-Minded
  • Lesson 29 Words That Sound and/or Look Alike, But Have Different Meanings
  • Lesson 30 More Tricky Twins and Triplets
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 31 Hottest of the Hot Words (Letters A to G)
  • Lesson 32 Hottest of the Hot Words (Letters H to P)
  • Lesson 33 Hottest of the Hot Words (Letters Q to Z )
  • Lesson 34 More Hot Words
  • Lesson 35 Even More Hot Words
    Review Exercises
  • Lesson 36 Words Spied on Real SATs
  • Lesson 37 Literary Terms That Are Helpful to Know
  • Lesson 38 ACT Vocabulary: Prose Fiction and Humanities
  • Lesson 39 ACT Vocabulary: Social Science and Natural Science
    Answer Key
    Appendix A Mini Vocabulary Clusters
    Appendix B More Tricky Twins
    Word Index

From the Reviews:
Praise for the Previous Edition

“What distinguishes this edition from the previous one is that this volume includes more memory tips or mnemonics, an expanded section of review exercises, and an index containing an alphabetical word list.”
VOYA, Christine Sanderson, April 2005

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Paperback / 288 Pages / 6 x 9 / 2013


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