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    Known for many years as Barron’s Easy Way Series, the new editions of these popular self-teaching titles are now Barron’s E-Z Series. Brand-new cover designs reflect all new page layouts, which feature extensive two-color treatment, a fresh, modern typeface, and more graphic material than ever— charts, graphs, diagrams, instructive line illustrations, and where appropriate, amusing cartoons. Meanwhile, the quality of the books’ contents remains at least as high as ever. Barron’s E-Z books are self-help manuals focused to improve students’ grades in a wide variety of academic and practical subjects. For most subjects, the level of difficulty ranges between high school and college-101 standards. Although primarily designed as self-teaching manuals, these books are also preferred by many teachers as classroom supplements—and for some courses, as main textbooks. E-Z books review their subjects in detail, and feature both short quizzes and longer tests with answers to help students gauge their learning progress. Subject heads and key phrases are set in a second color as an easy reference aid.

    Even with modern computer spell checking, it’s important for everybody to know how to spell words correctly. E-Z Spelling is designed to help students, businesspeople, and everybody else master the art of spelling. It examines reasons why we misspell, offers tips for improvement, presents basic spelling rules, suggests memory devices, and advises on acquiring the habit of using a good dictionary. Also included are lists of homonyms and homophones and frequently misspelled words. Hundreds of quick-check exercises are designed to improve every reader’s spelling.

    Table of Contents:
      1 Why Learn to Spell?
      2 Why Is Spelling So Difficult?
      3 Learning Techniques
      4 Mnemonics
      5 Better Spelling by Ear
      6 Some Special Problems
      7 Prefixes
      8 Confusing Suffixes
      9 Plural Nouns
      10 The Final -Y
      11 The Final -E
      12 Doubling Final Consonants
      13 English as a Second Language
      14 The Hyphen
      15 The Apostrophe
      16 Capital Letters
      17 Spelling Abbreviations
      18 More Homonyms and Homophones and Other Confusing Word Pairs
      19 Word Building
      20 Most Frequently Misspelled Words
      21 Computer Terms
      22 More Commonly Misspelled Words
      23 Medical and Health Terms
      24 Achievement Tests
      25 Answer Key
      26 10,000 Word Ready Reference Spelling List


    Paperback / 312 Pages / 7 13/16 x 10 / 2011


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