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3rd Edition
Barbara Lee Bleau, Ph.D. - All books by this author

Updated and expanded to include the optional use of graphing calculators, this combination textbook and workbook is a good teach-yourself refresher course for men and women who took a calculus course in school, have since forgotten most of what they learned, and now need some practical calculus for business purposes or advanced education. The book is also very useful as a supplementary text for students who are taking calculus and finding it a struggle. Each progressive work unit offers clear instruction and worked-out examples. Special emphasis has been placed on business and economic applications. Topics covered include functions and their graphs, derivatives, optimization problems, exponential and logarithmic functions, integration, and partial derivatives.

Table of Contents:
    Functions: Composite and Applications with Restricted Domains
    Graphing Linear Functions
    Writing Linear Functions
    Linear Applications
    Quadratic Functions
    Quadratic Applications
    Polynomial Functions
    The Derivative
    Instantaneous Rates of Change
    More Differentiation Rules
    The Power Rule Revisited
    Maximum and Minimum Points
    Classifying Critical Points—Three Procedures
    Absolute Maxima and Minima
    Optimization Problems
    Implicit Differentiation
    Exponential Functions
    Logarithmic Functions
    Integration—Indefinite Integrals
    Integration by Substitution
    Integration Using Formulas
    Integration—Definite Integrals
    Functions of Several Variables
    Answers to Exercises

From the Reviews:
"Although Forgotten Calculus is suitable as a course textbook, the excellent index makes the book useful to someone who is brushing up on forgotten calculus skills. A calculus student who needs additional practice problems can benefit from the instant feedback that this book provides. I also recommend it for tutoring situations and learning-center libraries."
Mathematics Teacher, May 2003

Paperback / 480 Pages / 7 13/16 x 10 7/8 / 2002


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